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Driver Education Program

Monday 3rd December to 7th December 2018

During Week 8, the PDHPE Faculty, in conjunction with the Driver Education Subcommittee of the P&C, organised a one week intensive Driver Education Program for all Year 10 students. An outline of the activities they were involved in follows.

Some of the sessions include;

·         Mental Health & Wellbeing: students will attend a session with our School Counsellor, Mrs Bond, and learn about mental health issues and how to support and seek assistance for a friend who is having a mental health crisis.

·         Around Town: Students will follow the chain of command that would occur in the event of a road accident, from insurance agency & hospital, to the police station and then the court. At each place, students will learn what part this agency plays in processing a road accident.

·         Deniliquin Car Club: practical sessions on improving your driving skills at the Deniliquin Car Club.

·         Mock Accident: students will witness our emergency services in action as they respond to a mock accident and remove and treat victims trapped in a car following a collision.

·         Guest Speaker: Mr John Maher is an inspiring speaker whose life has been impacted by road trauma. He will recount the events leading up to these  events and the effect this has had on his life.

·         ATA Truck: this group travels from Northern Australia each year to be a part of our program. The truck is fitted with interactive activities to raise the student’s awareness of scenarios they may encounter on the roads when driving.

·         Court Magistrate: our local magistrate will address the students to make clear to them their responsibilities when driving. There will be opportunities  for students to ask questions concerning licensing, driving laws, etc.

Every student who completed the one week program is eligible for two FREE 1 hr driving lessons with local instructor, Brian Purtill. One lesson is funded by the P&C, while the other lesson is funded by a grant from the Bendigo Community Bank. Students can start accessing these lessons with Brian once school finishes for the year.

Thank you to the dedicated Driver Education Sub-Committee and the many generous community organisations that have contributed to this most worthwhile program. A great deal of time and community effort went into organising this event. So many people give up their valuable time to ensure that this program is able to operate.


- Mr. Anthony Michael

HT PDHPE, on behalf of the PDHPE Faculty and the Driver Education P&C Sub-committee.

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